Andina // Shoreditch High Street

After the influx of ‘faux Mexican’ restaurants to East London ( yawn. I’ve had enough sugary mojitos and bland quesadillas to last a life time!  )  Andina makes a refreshing, and thankfully more authentic, change.



You may know Andina as legendary Soho Ceviche’s little, Peruvian Sister. It definitely lives up to the family name!

The menu is built around Peruvian street food; featuring buckets of quinoa, fresh flavours and, of course, ceviche (raw) fish.   50% of the menu is veggie, theres also a whole load of gluten free options, so fear not clean eating chicas!




The boyfriend and I were pretty hungover, so we pre-warned our bellies of the incoming food binge with orange, pomegranette, goldenberry, maca and lime juices ( they  have a whole glossary dedicated to super foods that even I hadn’t heard of! ).



We then lunched on Chicken and Avocado Causa ( Chicken on a bed of avocado, potato and lime )



Quinoa and coriander dumpling. NB don’t try to eat the shell…i tried, and failed.



And, my favourite, Chocio Corn cake; which is essentially lots of sweetcorn and cheese with a poached egg and avocado. It made my hungover belly very happy indeed!



But, get ready, the star of the show was the Picarones ( see, the glossary came in handy )

Which translate as deep fried pumpkin doughnuts, do these count as a health food?! I vote yes! They were unbelievably good.





If your planning on an Andina trip try to book in advance, it gets pretty rammed, quite rightly so.

Find it on the corner of Shoreditch High Street and Redchurch Street.

Gilly x

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