Eating Seasonally; Autumn

These days, seasonal eating is almost a thing of the past. What with every type of fruit and vegetable lining the aisles of your local supermarket all through the year, come winter or summer, whether they’ve been grown naturally or not. Which is really such a shame! What most people don’t realise, is that eating fruit and veg that’s in season actually tastes so much better, as well as being more awesome and nourishing for your body!


Buying fruit, such as strawberries, in the middle of winter means that the fruit has most likely been flown in from a much warmer climate, or perhaps grown with a massive amount of chemicals, which is really bad for the planet, as well as for your body. If you eat seasonally, produce can be locally grown, organic and most importantly, super fresh and ripe. Meaning it will taste so much more amazing and be packed full of nutrients!

But, the best part is, eating with the seasons opens your eyes to loads of new fruit and vegetables that you might not have otherwise noticed. Instead of eating the same old bananas and strawberries all year round, it encourages you to try so many amazing new things; beetroot and cauliflower are great in the winter, but come summer you’ll be digging into beautiful courgettes, peaches and aubergines!

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons as there’s such great inspiration for warm, comforting recipes that you can enjoy during the shorter evenings.

Autumnal fruits include blackberries, pears, plums and apples, which could be made into a gorgeous crumble or baked into a pie. but lets not forget my favourite, handfuls of fresh figs, dipped into almond butter or sliced over porridge, It really doesn’t get much better!


Vegetables that grow in the autumn are parsnips, sweet potatoes, radishes and of course pumpkins. All of which I love roasting in the oven and serving with protein packed quinoa. Both of these recipes are so delicious and packed full of skin enhancing Beta-Carotene, which will keep you glowing, even during the winter months!


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One thought on “Eating Seasonally; Autumn

  1. isabelrobertson1998 on said:

    Great post! I try to eat seasonally too, and it really does introduce you to so many new fruits and vegetables.

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